SAVE Docket
Sentencing Alternatives for Volusia Enforcement

If you are …
looking to resolve outstanding criminal cases
having difficulty maintaining a home or paying bills
afraid to go to court
worried about warrants or going to jail
… then the SAVE Docket might be for you.


What is the SAVE Docket?
The SAVE Docket gives people a chance to resolve criminal offenses using alternative methods to pay court costs, including completing community service hours or participating in specified programs.

Crimes included on SAVE Docket:
Trespass, disorderly conduct, disorderly
intoxication, and local ordinances including open
container of alcohol, panhandling or camping.
Crimes excluded are:
Felony crimes, juvenile offenses, crimes with a
victim (theft, battery, criminal mischief), drug
offenses and crimes outside of Volusia County.

Call and ask for SAVE Docket,
Jeff Dees, HUM SAVE Docket Coordinator
(386) 252-9400 XT18

Call to start the SAVE Docket process or stop by our office at 340 North St. Mon.—Thurs. 9AM to 12PM to make an appointment. Services provided are coordination with substance/behavioral treatment programs and linkage to community resources.

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This program is a project of the Seventh Judicial Circuit, F.A.I.T.H., Halifax Urban Ministries and Volusia/Flagler CountyCoalition for the Homeless