The HUM Center @ North Street

Because People Matter to God!

The HUM Center provides services HP-2014-003to sustain, stabilize and shelter homeless individuals and families from Volusia/Flagler Counties. We work help people overcome homelessness, providing basic services for anyone in need, treating all with dignity and helping restore hope.

Direct Homeless Services
Helping meet the basic needs of homeless people

Bicycles – providing used bicycles for homeless people to travel to and from work.

Bus passes – for homeless people who have recurring medical appointments.

Case Management – Direction, planning and resources to Bragg9recover from homelessness

Clothing – Men’s & Women’s clothing, plus shoes & blankets.

Documents – Obtaining critical documents for homeless people that have been lost or destroyed – birth certificates, social security cards, and identification cards. This improves the chances of obtaining work.

Haircuts – provided by volunteers, allows homeless people to keep up their appearance and prepare for job interviews.

Mental Health Services – Provided through referrals to SMA, helping individuals with addiction and psychological problems have a better life.

Internet access – for job searching

Notary services

Prescription assistance – for homeless people unable to purchase prescription medicine.

Showers – plus hygiene products

Bridge of Hope – Hot Meal ProgramHP-2014-031

Daily afternoon meal for anyone that is hungry or homeless,
and lunch and dinner for residents of the HUM Family Shelter.