Halifax Urban Ministries


Mark Geallis – Executive Director
Ginny Kent – Director of Development
Diane Miller – Grant Administrator
Priscilla Towle – Executive Administrator

HUM Operational Team 

Homeless Prevention

Roberto Barragan, III – Project Manager
Molly Cummings – Project Manager
Cherylann Hoge – Program Intake Assistant
Sean Slack – Program Assistant
Jason Brooks – Program Assistant
David (Mark) Redling – Program Assistant

Homeless Intervention

Donna Dooley – Director of Operations
Michelle Hurley 
– HUM Center – Case Manager
Jeffrey Dees – Outreach Manager/SAVE Docket
Miguel Rodriguez – HUM Family Shelter Supervisor
Jeremy Royce – HUM Housing Specialist/Case Manager
 Petrina Onwuemeli – HUM Housing Specialist/Case Manager
                      Tasheen Ortiz – HUM Housing Specialist/Case Manager                         Ginette Brown – HUM Family Shelter – Case Manager
Kiersten Fleck – HUM Family Shelter – Resident Assistant
          Lisa Degolier – HUM Family Shelter – Resident Assistant
Zach Bennett – HUM Family Shelter – Resident Assistant
Raymond Harrell – HUM Family Shelter – Resident Assistant
Laurie Riley – HUM Family Shelter – Resident Assistant
Brandy Harris – HUM Information & Referral Desk
Derick Brown – Transportation Specialist
Bess Dufoe – Bridge of Hope – Program Supervisor
Rufus Harper – Bridge of Hope – Program Assistant
John Willneff – Bridge of Hope – Program Assistant
Jessie Hill – HUM Center – Maintenance